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Arya Mask Young 1 inner shell + 1 outer shell



ARYA Mask is a medical device. It is a type 2 surgical mask, produced in accordance with Directive n. 93/42/ CEE of 14.06.1993

ARYA Mask young is perfect for young people, who can wear it while having fun thanks to the many possibilities of customization without sacrificing maximum protection.

The materials with which it is produced make it extremely light, perfect for everyday use whether it study, sports or fun. It is possible to purchase separately shells, grills and additional laces in addition to those provided in the kit.



This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

The Arya Mask offers maximum breathing comfort.

The shape of the shell, which creates distance and ease with respect to the face, provides the wearer the benefit of a more pleasant breathing and, thanks to the reduced superface in direct contact with the skin, a better transpiration.

Arya Mask Kids is ideal for children, thanks to the materials with which it is produced that make it extraordinarily light.

Breathing comfort
Breathing comfort

Professional filters
Professional filters



The elements are assembled according to the need and the configuration chosen before use.


Transparent outer shell


Transparent inner shell


Aesthetic grids: sky-blue and fuchsia


Transparent grid


Elastic cords: sky-blue and white


Tools to adjust lace’s size



Care and maintenance:

The structure of the ARYA MASK consists entirely of A-PET that can be sanitized in a few minutes and reused simply by changing the filter.

The strap, not welded to the mask can be easily washed. This aspect of cleaning and reuse, is a great economic and environmental advantage compared to other disposable masks.

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How to use

Assemble and wear it properly

Identify the shells

The outer shell differs from the inner shell for a spout that serves to secure the string once worn.

Insert grid and filters

Place the outer shell with the concave part facing you and place in order, the aesthetic grid, the filter and the transparent support grid.

Fix the inner shell

Place the inner shell over the already placed elements, so as to close the mask.

Insert the string into the clasp

Insert the strap into the clip and make sure to adjust the length according to your needs.

Wear the strap on both ears

Put the strap on and place it under your chin.

Place the mask and tie it down

Place the mask on your face, and move the strap so that you can pass an elastic band on the upper spout and the other on the lower spout.

Your Arya mask is now ready!

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 100 cm
Filtri intercambiabili professionali

I filtri in dotazione (30 per ogni maschera) soddisfano i più severi regolamenti in termini di materiali e capacità antibatterica di filtraggio per garantire la massima sicurezza d’uso.
I filtri forniti (30 unità per maschera) soddisfano le normative più rigorose in termini di materiali e capacità di filtraggio antibatterico per garantire la massima sicurezza d’uso. Il materiale è costituito da 3 strati di tessuto filtrante in poliestere assemblato con la tecnica SMS Spunbond (PET) + Meltblown (PBT) + Spunbond (PET), totalmente idrorepellente, con capacità di filtraggio batterico superiore al 98%. Il materiale è conforme alle norme EN 14683: 2019.
In ogni pacchetto ci sono 30 filtri facilmente intercambiabili che garantiscono all’utente di avere sempre una maschera alla massima efficienza di filtraggio ed evitare di cambiare l’intera maschera.
Il kit filtri (30 unità) può anche essere acquistato separatamente per continuare a godere della massima capacità di filtraggio del prodotto e di una maggiore facilità di respiro.


La modularità degli elementi ARYA MASK, unita all’innovativo sistema a doppio guscio brevettato, consente a chi desidera personalizzare la propria maschera in base all’outfit o all’umore della giornata. ARYA MASK propone in vendita come accessori opzionali oltre al kit base, lacci, griglie estetiche di diversi colori.

Facile smaltimento

La struttura modulare di ARYA MASK consente il riutilizzo di tutti gli elementi tranne il filtro. I filtri usati devono essere eliminati secondo modalità di legge.


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