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Arya Mask B2B – 25 Kits



The product is sold in multiples of 25 kits. Every kit is sold in a single bag.

ARYA Mask is a medical device. It is a type 2 surgical mask, produced in accordance with Directive n. 93/42/ CEE of 14.06.1993

Facial mask for medical use, consisting of separate and interchangeable elements.

ARYA mask provides a safe and comfortable protection solution. The innovative filtering system, combined with the elements of the washable and sterilizable shell, make ARYA MASK a valid alternative to disposable masks. You don’t need to throw and change the masks every time you wear it, but simply replace the filter.

30 filters included in the package.

Standard Size: Nose to chin lenght 13.5 cm

Width 11 cm

Suitable for men and boys over the age of sixteen

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Arya Mask offers maximum breathing comfort.

The shape of the shell, which creates distance and ease with respect to the face, provides the wearer the benefit of a more pleasant breathing and, thanks to the reduced superficie in direct contact with the skin, a better transpiration.

Breathing comfort
Breathing comfort

30 Professional filters
30 Professional filters



The elements are assembled according to the need and the configuration chosen before use.


Transparent outer shell small size


Transparent inner shell small size


Black aesthetic grids


Internal grid of transparent support


White elastic cord


Tools to adjust lace’s size




Measure the distance between nose and chin as shown in the figure and find out which size fits your face best!

Care and maintenance:

The structure of the ARYA MASK consists entirely of A-PET and can be sanitized in a few minutes and reused simply by changing the filter.

The strap, not welded to the mask can be easily washed. This aspect of cleaning and reuse, is a great economic and environmental advantage compared to disposable masks.

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Assemble and wear it properly

Identify the shells

The outer shell differs from the inner shell for a spout that serves to secure the string once worn.

Insert grid and filters

Place the outer shell with the concave part facing you and place the aesthetic grid first, then the filter and the transparent support grid.

Fix the inner shell

Place the inner shell over the already placed elements, so as to close the mask.

Insert the string into the clasp

Insert the strap into the clip and make sure to adjust the length according to your needs.

Wear the strap on both ears

Put the strap on and place it under your chin.

Place the mask and tie it down

Place the mask on your face, and move the strap so that you can pass an elastic band on the upper spout and the other on the lower spout.

Your Arya mask is now ready!

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 11.08 × 5.05 cm
Professional interchangeable certified filters

The supplied filters (30 units for each mask) meet the most stringent regulations in terms of materials and filtrating antibacterial capacity to ensure maximum safety of use.
The filters supplied (30 units per mask) meet the most stringent regulations in terms of materials and antibacterial filtering capacity to ensure maximum safety of use. The material consists of 3 layers of polyester filter fabric assembled with the SMS Spunbond (PET) + Meltblown (PBT) + Spunbond (PET) technique, totally water-repellent, with bacteriological filtering capacity exceeding 98%. The material already complies with EN 14683:2019 standards.
In each package there are 30 easily interchangeable filters that guarantee the user to always have a mask at the maximum filtering efficiency and avoid changing the entire screen.
The filters kit (30 units) can also be purchased separately to continue to enjoy the maximum filtrating capacity of the product and a more comfortable ease of breath.


The modularity of the ARYA MASK elements, combined to with the innovative patented double-shell system, allow those who want to customize their mask according to the outfit or mood of the day. ARYA MASK offers for sale as optional accessories in addition to the basic kit, laces, aesthetic grids of different colors.

Easy disposal

The structure of the modular ARYA MASK allows the reuse of all elements except the filter. The used filters can also be disposed of.


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